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Instructor/Studio Manager/Co-owner
Adrianna Wormworth
Hobby turned to Passion and Passion turned to The Grind!
It is my goal to lead you through challenging terrains, pushing your limits and testing your strengths. Join me as we rock out to some epic tunes that will have you singing out loud. Spin is my jam and I am going to make it yours too! Let’s grow this spin community one bike at a time
Amber Amendt

The Hulk – Welcome to my percolator, where bold blend has nothing on the energy I bring. Get ready to grind your beans and perk into a great sweat session!

Jennifer Wourms

Every time I hop on that bike, I instantly become more connected; more positive and I want you to experience that same feeling. My journey had me pivot from the front row to the podium and I can’t wait to deliver classes with passion, grit and high energy. Whether it’s classic rock, hip-hop or pop, I will have you hitting every beat drop as you get lost in the music.

Virginia Bells

Hey Riders, Im Virginia and my two favourite things are Spin & Coffee! I want to help you discover that no matter what goes on in this crazy world, we can take it out on our bike. Spin changed my life and it can change yours too. Meet me at The Grind!

Jill Heidecker

Hey Everyone, I’m Jill and I’m passionate about all things community and fitness. Spin has become a place for me to connect, get inspired, and grow. As an instructor I am passionate about making others feel the same. My intention of each class is to create a space where no matter who you are, or your fitness level, you feel like you belong. I can’t wait for us to get started on this new journey at The Grind! See you on the bike!