Together We Ride: Faster than Ever, Harder than Anyone, Stronger than Yesterday

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we got a ride for you.

Beginner & regular classes

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This ride has something for everyone.With the perfect mix of strength, endurance, hills and drills. Leave it all on the studio floor with The Grind!

Tap into your strength, your power and even your mindset during this half hour express ride.

The perfect starting point for anyone. Just the right mix of intervals and heart racing tracks.

Everything you know and love from the basic blend just packed into 30 mins

An exciting ride that tests your limits and pushes your boundaries. Sorry ladies this ones for the men only!

An exclusive ride for companies, organizations, small groups or family gatherings.








The Grind is Humboldt's premier indoor cycling studio located on Hwy 5. Our enthusiastic instructors and encouraging spin community will challenge and motivate you with every ride. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we have a bike for you!
Why The Grind?

We are passionate about creating an energizing experience that keeps you wanting more.

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